All Institute spaces are mobility-accessible:

  • There are mobility-accessible bathrooms, elevators, and doors in South College, Old Chapel, Campus Center, and the residence halls.
  • A parking lot with several accessible parking spots is located on the south-facing side of South College Building, and about 200 yards to the west of Old Chapel.
  • We will maintain clear pathways for folks who use wheelchairs and other access devices in our event spaces.
  • Distance between event spaces ranges from 50 yards to half a mile.
  • Distance between event spaces and on-campus housing ranges from 50 yards to 1.5 miles.
  • We provide shuttle transport for any participant who would like to use it. Shuttle information can be found in the participant guidebook.
  • If you need additional assistance navigating Institute spaces, please contact a staff member.

South College and Old Chapel, where most of our programming takes place, have single-occupancy, accessible, All-Gender bathrooms on each floor.

Juniper designates specific bathrooms, residence suites, classrooms, and event seating as “Scent-Safer.”

  • Please choose chemical and fragrance-free products as much as possible during the Institute week, in order to make Institute events accessible to those community members with chemical sensitivities.
  • We will not be monitoring anyone’s use of them; however, we ask all participants to be aware that certain products can create access barriers for others wishing to use the same spaces.

In order to maintain a safe environment for community members with airborne food allergies, please refrain from bringing snacks containing nuts into event and classroom spaces or the residence halls.

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA), our local public transportation system, has several area buses that are free to the public. Juniper staff are happy to help you read the maps and schedules in your registration folder.

Please report any dietary needs in your registration form. Dinners on Sunday and Friday, and daily continental breakfast, will provide options for any folks who have reported dietary needs. The dining hall provides vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Please introduce yourself to the managers/chef at the dining commons for assistance. If you’d like to make an appointment with the dietician, please call: 413-545-2472

Juniper is able to provide communication access in collaboration with UMass Amherst office of Disability Services (413-545-0892), with advance notice. Please indicate any needs in your registration form.

Service Animals are trained to do work or perform tasks for folks with disabilities (both visible and invisible). They are working animals so it is important not to distract them by talking to them or petting them. We ask the Juniper community to join us in respecting the rights of our community members who use service animals.

Seasonal allergens in the Connecticut River Valley can be intense in June, especially for folks who are from outside the region. If you experience the effects of tree, flower, or grass pollens, please come prepared with your choice of allergy medicines!

Please work with us to remove access barriers so that more people are able to enjoy the magic of Juniper. If you have feedback, questions or suggestions about accessibility, please reach out to us at