Partners & Sponsors


The Massachusetts Cultural Council

The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) is a state agency that promotes excellence, access, education, and diversity in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences to improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents and contribute to the economic vitality of our communities. The Council pursues this mission through a combination of grant programs, partnerships, and services for nonprofit cultural organizations, schools, communities, and artists.


The Charles Hayden Foundation

The Charles Hayden Foundation seeks to promote the mental, moral, and physical development of children and youth ages five to eighteen in the metropolitan areas of New York and the City of Boston. Our focus is on those institutions and programs serving youth most at risk of not reaching their full potential, especially youth in low-income communities.

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts

Founded in 1991, the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts administers a charitable endowment consisting of nearly 600 separately identified funds benefiting Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin Counties. Each fund was contributed by one or more generous donors who wished to make a difference, on a local scale, in those communities.

J.E. and Marjorie B. Pittman Foundation and the Edwin L. and Elizabeth L. Skelton Foundation

Supporting scholarships for poets to attend the Juniper Summer Writing Institute.

The Ruth Stone Foundation

The Ruth Stone Foundation is a nonprofit literary organization created by the trustees of Ruth Stone’s estate. Their mission is to celebrate the legacy of poet Ruth Stone and foster creation of the finest contemporary poetry and art. The Foundation is based around the restoration of Ruth Stone’s literary and physical estate in Vermont, which will serve as an intimate writer’s retreat, artist space, and historical landmark.


The Cal Arts MFA Program

The Cal Arts MFA Program is an innovative writing program designed for students who seek to experiment with form and content and to engage in thoughtful dialogue about the artistic, conceptual and political concepts of contemporary writing. Their distinctive curriculum combines the rigors of training in established genres with opportunities to explore the fertile territories between and beyond genres.

Elms College

Many students choose the writing concentration of the English major at Elms College because of the distinguished faculty, visiting writers, open mics, and the opportunity to serve on the staff of Bloom, the student-run literary magazine.

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Department of English offers a B.A. in English with concentrations in poetry and fiction writing, culminating in a creative thesis. Home to a literary and visual arts journal called The Flintlock, NWU also hosts the Visiting Writers Series, featuring prominent writers from around the country.


NEOMFA is a consortium of four universities: Cleveland State University, Kent State University, the University of Akron, and Youngstown State University. NEOMFA’s unique collaborative design allows students to take advantage of a large pool of award-winning faculty and concentrate in the writing of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

University of the Arts

The University of the Arts is dedicated to advancing human creativity. Students in the BFA Program in Creative Writing focus on poetry, fiction, and other genres while pursuing creative collaborations across the arts and in the community.


Amherst Books

Amherst Books is located in downtown Amherst, is a locally owned, independent bookshop selling new and used books. Their particular strengths include poetry, literature, and philosophy; they also carry a large selection of small press titles and literary journals.

Factory Hollow Press

Factory Hollow Press publishes books, chapbooks, and broadsides in limited editions. The publishing division of Sleepy Lemur Quality Enterprises, which is the production division of The Meeteetzee Institute.

Fiction Collective Two

Fiction Collective Two is an author-run, not-for-profit publisher of artistically adventurous, non-traditional fiction.


jubilat is a literary journal that aims not only to publish the best in contemporary American poetry, but to place it alongside a varied selection of reprints, found pieces, lyric prose, art, and interviews with poets and other artists.


The Valley Advocate

The Valley Advocate has been bringing the best in investigative journalism and coverage of arts and entertainment to Western Massachusetts for over forty years. The Advocates’ readership is as diverse as the editorial that appears in its pages, encompassing the residents of Southern Vermont, the Springfield/Northampton/Amherst areas as well as the college populations of over 16 local universities and colleges, including UMass Amherst, Smith College and Mount Holyoke.

Four Wings Photography

Ryan Williams, BFA, is the maestro of Four Wings Photography. Having been steeped in the Arts for the duration of his academic and professional career, his work is stand alone in its authenticity, innovative structure, and responsive style. Ryan is pleased to contribute his time photographing the Institute in exchange for supporting a young writer’s tuition, and is grateful for the opportunity to support our creative community.

Ryan Askew Web Design & Development

Ryan Askew is a web designer and developer based in Easthampton, Massachusetts, with more than 10 years experience working with clients to build websites. He works with clients through each step from concept to launch to create designs, develop sites, increase usability, and provide ongoing guidance.


Thank you to the following individuals that supported 2019 scholarships.

Samuel Ace
Ms. Kristine M. Baker
Ms. Samantha L. Bernecker
Mrs. Jennifer G. Blackburn
Kiyanna Blakey
Catherine Bresner
Ms. Elaine K. Brigham
Ms. Hannah M. Brooks-Motl
Ms. Laniesha Shaneara Brown
Sandee Bybee
Timothy Carlson
Professor Daniel J. Chelotti
Ms. Heather M. Christle
Ms. Michele R. Christle
Ms. Christine N. Crutchfield
Amy C. Diehl
Emmalie Dropkin
Ms. Jane Brower Dykema
Valerie Fiksdal
Katherine Genovese
Anna Gergen
Ambar M. Hammond
Emily Harris-Greene
Katie Hays
Ms. Jennifer Jacobson
Mr. Nicholas V. Jeffway
Riley E. Jones
Ms. Athenia Rael Kennedy
Stacie R. Klinowski
Thomas Langlas
Ms. Dorothea S. Lasky
Paul Lisicky
Ms. Katherine McKayla Lovering
Mr. Matthew R. Lowe
Anna Mastrandrea
Pamela Matz
Ms. Pauline A. McDonough
Elizabeth Mceleney
Ms. Carson Eleanor McGrath
Kelly Mcguinness
Christine Mcmasters
Mr. Michael C. Medeiros
Tessa Menatian
Ms. Elizabeth Terese Mikesch
Mr. Timur Rustamovich Niyazov
Drisana Norlie
Ms. Lisa R. Olstein
Professor Jeffrey S. Parker
Ms. Carley A. Pelletier
Ms. Emily C. Pettit
Stacey Resnikoff
Jake Rose
Ms. Mary A. Scott
Thomas Shin
Lori Shine
Michelle Sullivan
James M. Thomson
Sarah C. Coates
Ms. Katrina E. Turner
Mr. Benjamin Wheeler
Elizabeth Wheeler
EricĀ  Wheeler
Professor Dara A. Wier
Alan Yang
Mr. Matthew J. Zapruder