One-Day Intensives

As part of celebrating 20 Years of Wild Invention at the Juniper Summer Writing Institute, we asked four of our alumni to lead a special series of One-Day Intensives. Our Alumni-in-Residence will facilitate a day-long deep dive into craft and participants’ writing that emulates each alum’s own work and perspectives.

Intensives will run for one day only during the Institute week, 9am–12pm and 1:30pm–4:30pm (lunch break 12pm–1:30pm).

Applications to attend a One-Day Intensive are open now! Please review the descriptions below.

Kind of a Ghost Story with ‘Pemi Aguda, Monday, June 10

What happens when our deep-seated anxieties, buried griefs or unacknowledged desires are manifested physically? When our neglected emotions or unarticulated fears achieve form to haunt us?
For this intensive, we will workshop your stories of hauntings (however you describe it), while exploring other strange and speculative stories that engage with active metaphors of the ineffable, expressed tangibly, from Laura van den Berg to Julio Cortarzar to Clare Beams and Jhumpa Lahiri.

Moving Beyond Craft with Noor Hindi, Tuesday, June 11

The role of writers, artists and culture workers is to shape our collective imaginations, move us towards better futures and challenge the violent structures occupying our minds, hearts, countries, and institutions.
In the words of Fargo Tbakhi: “Craft asks us to consider the language first and the politics second, tells us that a political education is not central but peripheral to being a writer.” In this session, we will explore poets who “write with sharper teeth, without politeness, without compromise” as a means of carrying us to “liberation and beyond.” We’ll brainstorm ways to access disruption within our work and our lives and discuss how to sustain liberatory practices within the ethics of our work. We’ll engage with writing prompts and questions that sharpen our swords and push us out of complacency and into spaces of freedom.

Fearless Futures with Cynthia Arrieu-King, Thursday, June 13

This intensive workshop will focus on the question: What invented world is this and why does it matter? In the morning session, participants will gain insights into the tropes, characters, and thematic possibilities in today’s speculative writing through excerpts of published pieces by Martha Wells, N. K. Jeminson, and Jeff Vandermeer. In the afternoon session, the group will workshop pre-submitted pieces in a supportive atmosphere. We will talk about deploying underlying social critique over worldbuilding. Speculative Writing of any genre is welcome including poetry, drama, and cross-genre as well as fiction.

Kaleidoscopic Perspectives with Alina Grabowski, Friday, June 14

In this generative intensive, we’ll focus on creating tension and depth through multiple perspectives that contradict and complement. We’ll examine the mechanics of polyphonic work (think Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon, Bernardine Evaristo’s Girl, Woman, Other) and analyze the ways in which a collage of voices can expand, complicate and subvert readers’ expectations. What can a kaleidoscope of perspectives offer that a single narrator cannot? How can we replicate the subjectivity of “truth” and memory on the page? How do we keep this refracted narrative approach engaging? No pre-written work will be required, but come prepared to examine something—an event, place, person, etc.—from a variety of points of view.